Meet the Leadership

Sardar Abdul-Qadeer Khan
President & Chief Executive Officer

“Mr. Sardar Abdul-Qadeer Khan is the President & CEO of AQS IT Solutions (Pvt) Limited. The company looks to him to provide its vision and direction. Owing to his entrepreneurial flair and skills, AQS has realigned itself to focus on a global outreach. He has been the force behind the company’s success. Mr. Sardar Abdul-Qadeer Khan has a record of leading unprecedented organizational growth. He uses his vast experience and in depth knowledge to run AQS IT Solutions (Pvt) Limited and to provide the best service to help the success of his clients.”

Muhammad Salman
Chief Operating Officer
Business Development & Strategy

“Mr. Muhammad Salman is the Co-Founder & COO at AQS IT Solutions (Pvt) Limited, He has taken the company to increasingly higher levels of achievement through his powerful business acumen and vision for AQS. He has been a powerful visionary force and a man that people look up to and believe in. He has been with the organization since its inception and has had a played a vital role in its success. At every stage of the journey, Mr. Muhammad Salman has opened new doors and brought new insight of potential opportunities to the company. He has also played a major role in developing and training the company’s management team and staff to enable it to lead AQS successfully through the challenges yet to come.”

Team Members

People are our greatest asset.
Each of our team members represents best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table.

Malik Ahtisham
Director Marketing

Danish Siddiqui
Technical Support Manager

Hamza Ali Khan
Network Operations Manager

Osama Durrani
Project Manager and Coordinator